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"Do you use a gun or needle?"

only pierce with a needle and advise strongly that everyone choose this safer and more accurate piercing method, even if they don't come to black magic.

"What is the most painful piercing?"

pain is subjective and everyone experiences it differently, so i encourage you to choose the piercing you want most, not one that others have told you hurts less.

as a general rule, cartilage in the ear and nose hurt more than ear lobes and surface piercings and can be tender for longer.

tongue piercings may be uncomfortable in the first few weeks while swelling goes down.

"How old do I have to be?"

age limits for different piercings vary and you can see a full list here.

  • you must be 16+ and bring photo I.D if you are coming in without a legal guardian

  • for nipple piercing you must be 18+

  • i do not pierce lobes on anyone younger than 5

"What jewellery do you use?"

i pierce with titanium jewellery for its hypoallergenic properties, and offer a more ornate range of surgical steel and titanium jewellery for healed piercings

"How do I look after my new piercing?"

i recommend and sell sterilised saline solution, that is applied 2-3 times a day at the entrance and exit of your piercing.

ensure your hands are clean and avoid touching/twisting jewellery or fiddling throughout the day.

for oral piercings, avoid smoking and alcohol until healed and use a low-alcohol mouthwash morning, night and after meals.

"Can I bring someone with me?"

of course! i highly encourage you bring moral support in whatever form you like, whether it be a friend, a cuddly toy, or a favourite song you want me to play to distract or relax you.

if you are under 16 attending with a parent or guardian, they must stay for the entire procedure.

"How long will my piercing take to heal?"

healing times vary depending on your piercing's location, your aftercare routine and your general health.

i advise leaving initial jewellery in for at least 12 weeks for most piercings and offer free downsizing for piercings i have performed.

"Do I need to do anything to prepare for my appointment?"

ensure you have eaten in the 30 minutes prior to arriving at the studio, and have water and a sugary drink ready for after.

avoid drugs, alcohol, nicotine and high levels of caffeine and bring your I.D if you are over 16.

"Can I bring my own jewellery?"

i won't perform new piercings with jewellery i didn't buy, however i do offer a jewellery change service for healed piercings and you are welcome to bring in your own.

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